Back to School Forms

Required Forms


Kare Youth Leaugue Fall Practice Schedule

Required for new students

& returning students who need new items.

Required read for all parents by 8/23.

A handbook contract will be sent home to sign

during the first week of school.

As Needed Forms

Print, fill out and email to to apply for

government assistance for lunch/snack costs.

Due 8/24. Check Eligibilty Guidelines on

application to see if you will qualify.

Online application is not available for our school.

(Form is also available in our office.)

Menu & Price Info available soon!

Required for students who need medicine adminstered daily or as needed at school such as inhalers, epi pens, etc.

Required for students who will be riding the bus to school in the morning from the Upland & Covina areas. Due 8/15.

Required for all incoming 4th-6th graders. Due 8/15.

Optional for incoming 4th-6th graders interested in trying out for a speaking part in our Christmas Play. Due 8/25.

Summer Learning

Summer Reading Challenge

Pearl students are encouraged to play "Book Bingo" this summer. You can stop by the Pearl Office to pickup a Book Bingo card & stamp or you can print out the one in the link below. Each square represents 15 minutes reading. We also would like you to email 1 or 2 fun pictures of you reading in some of these fun ways as we are going to create a giant Bingo card on our school bulletin board. Keep up that reading this summer!


Rocket Math

Starting in 1st grade, students need to pass a math facts timed test each year at Pearl.

1st grade-Addition

2nd grade-Addition/Subtraction

3rd grade-Multiplication

4th grade-Multiplication/Division 0-9

5th grade-Multiplication/Division 0-12

The Rocket Math Online game is a great way to practice and get ready for the next year with just 5-10 minutes a day. 


Email Mrs. Moore to get set up with your free online game account.


Moby Max

Research shows that students average around 17-34% learning loss over the summer. Moby Max is the online learning program we use at Pearl and is a great way to keep your child learning over the summer. It offers many subjects, not just math. There are also fun games or even math facts or phonics practice is available. Just 1-2 hours a week can make a huge difference in avoiding learning loss.


Email Mrs. Moore to get set up with your free online game account.




Club Kare

Club Kare is Kare Youth League's summer day camp program for students going into 1st-6th grade. There are morning enrichment classes and fun weekly outings. Each week has themes like robotics, woodworking and engineering. Sign up today and help spread the word to family and friends. Students do not have to be in Kare to participate and enrollment numbers will determine future offerings.