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Dynamic Learning

At Pearl, we capitalize upon small class sizes and do not limit learning to the classroom. At Pearl the learning is active, hands-on and compels students to develop a sense of exploration and discovery in a family friendly Christian environment. Character training is also an integral part of the Pearl curriculum and students are provided stimulus in an array of areas to help recognize, inspire and develop their individual strengths.



Pearl is integrating more Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) into our curriculum through hands on activities.  STEM is vital in preparing our children for the future and helping them thrive in our growing global community.

Field Trips & Class Camps

Each month teachers lead field trips, school camps and other excursions to fascinating destinations. Students enjoy day trips to various museums and science centers, visit living history programs and watch educational plays Each class also ventures on a school camp, taking them to locations from the Angeles National Forest to Catalina Island. These learning adventures are key to Pearl’s unique educational approach.

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    Academic Excellence
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    Integrated After-School Sports Program
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    Fine Arts Program