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Kim Fullerton


As an elementary school student, I would often sit in the classroom thinking “If I was the teacher. . . I would do that differently!” As a teacher, for over 15 years, that seems to be one of the forces that drives me “How can I teach that, present that, rearrange that, better?” I’m always looking for new ideas to enrich a child’s life to help them reach their potential. In my classroom where there is a will there is a way. Many times I do things that are probably too crazy, too messy, too time consuming, too funny, too noisy, for most, but the important thing is the students are having fun, and they are learning without even knowing it. Sometimes the students themselves give me great ideas for things to do, and I try to incorporate them into our day. I guess I’m just a big student that is always looking for an opportunity to be taught.

Valerie Johnson

First Grade

Cheerleading was always my favorite sport, which is one of the many reasons I love teaching! Every day I have the chance to get my “pom-poms” out, and cheer “You can do it! You can do it!” to my students. My aim is to:  challenge my students so that they have the opportunity to reach their potential, boost their self-esteem so that they will not be afraid to try something new, and provide a positive and caring classroom community where they can feel comfortable enough to express their feelings and concerns in a respectful manner. Basically, I want them to know that I am in their corner “cheering” them on, but I am also there to help them gain new knowledge in order to perform tasks they never thought possible. GO First Graders!!

Hayley Amundson

Second Grade

Pearl Prep alumni here! As a former Pearl student, it brings me such joy to watch a new generation grow, learn and encounter that unique Pearl Prep experience that I was blessed to receive.

In my education experience growing up, I definitely was not the brightest student. I had to work extra hard and go over concepts multiple times before grasping a good understanding and reaching that “ah-ha!” moment.  Because of my learning experience, I feel that is part of what helps me be an effective teacher now; being able to relate to all levels of learners. Along with being patient and thinking creatively until each student has their own “ah-ha!” moment. Witnessing those moments are some of the greatest joys of being a teacher!

Diana Bolinger

Second Grade

When I was a little girl, autumn was my absolute favorite time of year (well, except for Christmas of course). It meant brand new crayons and sharpened pencils, an updated fall wardrobe and even the latest in stylish book bags, all for the first day of school! SCHOOL!!....What a great place to be! A place to learn interesting facts and create works of art, with your best friends and an energetic teacher.  School is still an exciting place to be, but I get to be the one inspiring students to do their best, and to learn more than they thought they could. To me it’s a job that doesn’t “feel “ like a job…..and I still get a kick out of new school supplies.

Pete Clark

Third Grade

Stacie Prest

Fourth Grade

I believe every child is born with a purpose, and I was definitely born to teach. I've wanted to be a teacher since I was in elementary school myself, and it has been everything I dreamed it would be. I treasure the moments that help each child reach for their dream and purpose in life...when a student finally "gets" long division, when a shy child makes a presentation in front of the class and smiles at the applause they receive, when a struggling student earns an A+ on the vocabulary quiz they studied hard for, when I get to quietly observe two students complete a successful science experiment by working together. These moments make my job a joy and I really look forward to each new day as an opportunity to inspire children and witness their successes.

Andy Chang

Fifth Grade

It's been said that if you find something you love to do, then you'll never have to work another day in your life. Well, I believe that thing has found me. For the past decade, children have been a passion of mine and teaching has been the vehicle that enables me to carry out that passion. I embrace the responsibility of instilling self-confidence and knowledge into a child, and thus my focus as a teacher is to develop a relationship with each student that enhances that process. By the end of the year, my mission is that each child will be equipped with more tools to expand their capacity of being successful in life. With a calling like that, what's not to love?

Ed Drain

Sixth Grade

As a child growing up I was and still am to this day a sports junky. I love everything about sports and what it can teach; teamwork, integrity, mental toughness, self-confidence. Funny enough, the reasons why I love sports are the same reasons for why I love teaching! Just like sports are meant to be fun, I believe that bringing a sport type attitude to the classroom is important. We’re going to learn every day and we’re going to have fun doing it! When I was in elementary school I was diagnosed with Luekemia, but when I look back on those days, I don’t remember being sick. I remember all the fun I had with my classmates and teachers. That is my goal, I want every student to be able to look back at 6th grade and remember how awesome it was!

Lori Moore

Pearl Prep Principal

Growing up I was one of those kids who loved school and learning.  I would do math workbooks just for fun and read about any book I could get my hands on. My goal when I was a teacher and now as Pearl Principal is to instill that love of learning into every single student at Pearl.  I believe that if students are having fun they will learn more.  I want to always be changing and adapting to create exciting reading incentive programs, find engaging school assemblies and research new and engaging curriculum ideas. I hope that all my Pearl students will become life-long learners and go on to become leaders wherever God may lead them.

Michaela Ixta

Pearl Prep Secretary

I truly love working in the Pearl office! It gives me so many opportunities to do what I love to do most and that is to help people. Whether it is parents or students - "How may I help you" is a phrase you will hear all the time from me.  You probably wouldn't have guessed that I was shy when I was in elementary school - but I was! Therefore I make a point to be kind and sympathetic with students when they have a problem or a boo-boo. I also enjoy organizing and coordinating events and an elementary school definitely has its share of events to go around! A freshly printed monthly calendar with events galore is a beautiful sight to me and I can't wait to dive in and plan away!

Lindy Joe

Choir Director

Is there anything in the world better than music? Think about it... there's music everywhere - in a child's giggle, a baby's cry, birds chirping, footsteps, and even in the wind... it's all around us at all times. Music has the ability to take us away on a journey and let us feel everything from happiness to sadness to excitement. Music is me. I grew up in a home constantly surrounded by music. My dad was a music teacher. I started going to staged productions at the age of two. I sang my first solo in church at the age of three. At night, instead of sitting around watching television, we gathered around the piano and sang and composed many different songs. Music has taken me touring around the country, singing in the White House, and ultimately to my passion and first love... teaching. Music is something that lives in my soul. It's passion... it's my life...

Colleen Drain

Admissions Coordinator

Will Torrico

Spanish Teacher

Pauline Murphy

PE Teacher

Belinda Mosher

After School Director

Eric Mosher

Band Teacher

Karen Moller

Substitute Teacher

Madison Metz

Kindergarten TA

Dan Lawrence

Facilities Management

Tiffany Horton

6th Grade English Teacher